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Cute Exporter

The best assets exporter for gamedev. · By Clay Murray


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Cute Exporter 2.6
Hello! This is Cute Exporter 2.6. It includes many bug fixes and a few nice features. Finally add in a setting to let you control the padding between images in...
2 files — 2.6.0
2.5 doesn’t contain as much as I wanted to but I’m a busy man! Anyway has many bug fixes included as well as: Merging pdf into a single output image Hiding...
2 files — 2.5.0
2.5 Progress
2.5 is coming along a bit slower than other updates. Just a quick post about it. It’s the holidays and Minecraft is also still really fun so that’s taken up...
Working with Odin on MacOS
Odin is a great programming language. It lives up to at least this part of its mission statement. joy of programming I hadn’t done any low level programming f...
2.5 Roadmap
The next version of Cute Exporter should be 2.5 here is what you should be able to expect in this version. A few builtin preset export formats JSON INI Suggest...
Hello, I suspect not to many people read these posts but for those who do you may be wondering where I was. Well it’s been a busy and stressful last few month...
2.4.1 Animations!
2.4.1 is here and now Cute Exporter Supports: Making Animations! Now you have the ability to create your own animations with your layers. Set an animation name...
2 files — 2.4.1
Hello 2.4 beta is ready and it has a new feature that I’m pretty excited about… Making Animations! Now you have the ability to create your own animations wi...
2 files — 2.4
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Post here of any issues you run into using the app. I will do my best to respond and help fix it!
started by Clay Murray Aug 07, 2020
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