Hello 2.4 beta is ready and it has a new feature that I’m pretty excited about…

Making Animations!

Now you have the ability to create your own animations with your layers. Set an animation name, layer ordering, and frame duration. The editing is simple right now but depending on how people use it and their needs it can be improved so much!

Screenshot of the new animations page in Cute Exporter

Your tagged animations from your ASE files also show up in the animation list. You can’t edit these animations from Cute Exporter but you can view and play them.

I really hope these changes take Cute Exporter to a new level. Managing your assets and animations!

Other features and fixes:

  • Animation listing and editing.
  • Listing tagged animations is ASE files
  • Fix different areas the app could crash
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Splash page when loading assets.
  • Pointer cursor when hovering clickable items in the UI
  • Improved lists
  • Style updates
  • Some modals now allow you to click off them.


Windows Beta 3 MB
Version 2.4 Sep 26, 2020
Macos Beta 5 MB
Version 2.4 Sep 26, 2020

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