2.5 Roadmap

The next version of Cute Exporter should be 2.5 here is what you should be able to expect in this version.

  • A few builtin preset export formats
    • JSON
    • INI
    • Suggest one if you’d like to see it
  • Set the framerate of an animation
  • Playback the animation at a framerate in the GUI
  • Define regions in a PNG to export. Useful for asset packs that already exist as a texture atlas
  • Improvements to showing the folder structure of parent assets in the GUI
  • Automatically create an animation from a PSD or PSD group.
  • Define custom anchor points / rects on a layer that can be tagged with info.
    • Useful for defining different points on a character sprite like baseline or hands.
  • Showing more group information of the layers from the parent file.
  • Max texture size and outputting of multiple texture atlas if exceeding that size.
  • Per layer trim alpha setting.
  • Per asset trim alpha setting.

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