3.0.0 Beta

Hello and welcome to Cute Exporter 3.0 Beta!

Initially this was going to be 2.7. But I improved things so much that I thought it really deserved a 3.0.

New in 3.0

Fresh Style

The old styling was a bad… bad. Hopefully it has improved visuals and UX.

Export as sqlite

Before you could export as json. Or do your own thing with a custom lua script export. Now Cute Exporter has the ability to export all the meta data of your files to a sqlite database. It also includes the option to export all your image data as binary blobs directly in the sqlite database. Perfect for if you don’t need a texture atlas but want to bundle all your asses still.

Merge all layers of a PSD in output

Now you can also merge all the layers of your PSD file when you export it. This way you don’t have to merge all your layers in Photoshop before export. Cute Exporter handles a few different blending modes from photoshop. But layer masks are not propperly exported yet.


Define points and rectangles on your assets to ingest in your game engine. Examples include: hit box for a sprite, point on a sprite where a weapon should attach.

Include any file type

Cute Exporter now lets you include any file type you like. It will still transform and export PSD or ASE files but unknown file types are untouched. You can name your other files and add tags to them as well. Their info will show up in the data file (output.json or output.sqlite). If you use an sqlite export and choose include your files as binary blobs these non image assets will also be included in the export. This is a great way to bundle and manage all the assets and information your game needs in one tool. For instance I use it in my game I’m working on Three Days to include the OpenGL shaders the game uses. Other use cases might include fonts or level data. Basically a simple virtual file system that doesn’t care about OS! Soon all assets for Cute Exporter will be managed this way too (these things take time!)

Anyway there is a lot of cool things in this update. I put a lot of work into making it great. I hope you try it out and let me know if you run into errors.


Windows Beta 3 MB
Version 3.0.0 Dec 07, 2021
Macos Beta 5 MB
Version 3.0.0 Dec 06, 2021

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