Hello, I suspect not to many people read these posts but for those who do you may be wondering where I was. Well it’s been a busy and stressful last few months for my job and then I started playing minecraft and just played that way too much. However, I’m feeling better and I threw my gaming PC out the window now I only have time for making cool stuff again. I think I left Cute Exporter in a pretty good spot before my little hiatus, but it should be receiving some cool features soon. A big one on my list is anchor points. I don’t know if that is the proper term but they will be spots you can place on your assets that are tagged with some value. This will be useful for alignment of your assets or specifying where a part of the asset is each frame in an animation. For instance if you have a character swinging a sword you can mark the hand with a tag in each frame so you can align the sword with the rest of the animation!

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